Turbocharge Your Candidacy

Turbocharge Your Candidacy is a free 4-part professional development webinar series tailored to

the Automotive Technician that covers the topics of Resume Writing, Automotive Portfolio

Creation, Professional Social Media for Auto Techs, and Interviewing to all grads

who would like to learn more about strengthening their profiles for application to a

BMW Dealership.

Turbocharge Your Candidacy

Crafting a

Great Resume

In this session, recruiters from the BMW Regional Technician Recruiter Program will give you tips and tricks to crafting a resume that will stand out to BMW Authorized Service Center Employers.

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Turbocharge Your Candidacy

Creating an

Automotive Portfolio

In this session, you will get an overview of tips to create an Automotive Service / Repair / Restoration Portfolio that can help to impress BMW Employers.

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Turbocharge Your Candidacy

Professional Social Media

for Automotive Technicians

In this session, learn why and how social media can be a powerful networking tool for potential employment at a BMW Authorized Center. We will share many tips and best practices for maintaining "clean" social media for potential social media background checks, and how to best use professional social media to grow your network.

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Turbocharge Your Candidacy

Interviewing, In Person

and Online

In this session, we will help set your expectations regarding potential interviews with BMW Authorized Center Hiring Managers. Learn how to build your confidence in preparation for an interview, online and in person.

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